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Support for local business and SMEs

Supporting Local SMEs

Since 2007, we have worked consistently with local businesses to build long-term partnerships, while providing support and advice where needed to help smaller businesses thrive and grow. Testament to our approach, over 90% of our procurement is with local Macau businesses. Recognizing the vital role that SMEs play in our local economy, significant attention is given to SME engagement.

MGM’s SME Engagement Program: In an effort to formalize and expand our commitments to the Macau SME community, we have rolled out a dedicated SME Engagement Program focusing specifically on the following local SME categories: micro-sized enterprise, “Made in Macau” and young entrepreneurs.  Our approach is guided by our MGM SME Advisory Committee, comprising key decision makers and prominent local business representatives from across the business, non-profit and academic worlds. In 2017, we created 97 new SME supplier partnerships, spending over HK$650 million with SMEs, an increase of 50% on last year.  Since beginning our SME engagement program in 2015, our expenditure with local SMEs has more than doubled.

CASE STUDY: Supporting Local Entrepreneurs

On April 12, 2017, together with the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Association (“MYEA”), we co-organized the Young Entrepreneur Seminar held onsite at MGM MACAU. The Seminar welcomed over 150 participants and provided essential information to young entrepreneurs about setting up a Macau business, with key information on areas such as regulations and subsidies relating to SMEs.

In a follow-on event, on June 30, 2017, we and MYEA joined together again to co-organize the Young Entrepreneur Forum 2017 welcoming over 200 participants, including local young entrepreneurs and SMEs, government officials, and procurement executives from MGM MACAU as well as its parent company, MGM Resorts International. The Forum aimed to offer business insights to local young entrepreneurs through the inspiring road-to-success stories of three entrepreneurs: Mr. Zhu Heng, Co-Founder of Feelingtouch Inc. from Hangzhou; Mr. Eric Yeung, Executive Director of Skyzer VC Group from Hong Kong; and Mr. Roy Long, President of Royalex Group from Macau.


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To submit vendor registration forms or any other enquiries. Please contact: SME@MGMCHINA.COM.MO