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Position Statement Against Human Trafficking

MGM China, as a leader in the hospitality industry, supports the protection of human rights. MGM China is committed conducting our business operations accordingly, which includes standing against forced labor and trafficking.

We recognize that forced labor and human trafficking is a crime of global proportions.
In 2014, the International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, estimated that illegal profits from forced labor worldwide amount to approximately $150 billion per year, making forced labor, slavery or involuntary servitude, unlawful child labor and/or sexual exploitation against men, women or
children one of the largest illicit money-making activities in the world.  In a 2012 report, the ILO estimates that almost 21 million people are in forced labor, including 5.5 million children and 4.4 million in forced sexual exploitation.

MGM China supports the elimination of forced labor and human trafficking and its destructive effect upon humanity and our communities across the globe.

Our Initiatives:

We understand that the eradication of forced labor and human trafficking is a complex process that can only be fully achieved by constructive partnering among law enforcement at all levels, governments, non-profit social service and other organizations, communities, business across industries and the public at large – world-wide. As a leader in the hospitality industry, MGM China has an important role to play in combatting this global issue.

MGM China seeks to identify, assess and manage human rights impacts within our areas of influence with the following programs:

  • Employees: MGM China respects the human rights of our employees and follows the ILO’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labor, and civil and political rights.
  • Internal Training: Every year MGM provides updated “Human Trafficking Awareness Training” to our security staff or approximately 250 employees. MGM China aims to increase awareness among all our staff and our position statement is posted in English and Chinese on our public website and communicated annually in M life insider news, the company’s intranet available to our approximately 6,000 employees.
Community Outreach and Partnerships:

In 2015 we were part of two key events:

  • 1-day summit on Business Leadership to End Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery, organized by Good Shepherd Center and VITAL Voices USA, both organizations dedicated to eradicating abuses of human rights in society; and

  • We organized a public/private sector forum with Mekong Club, Good Shepherd Center and the Government to find ways to tackle human trafficking problems within our industry, Macau and further afield. MGM China collaborates with local NGOs including Good Shepherd and The Mekong Club to develop education opportunities and best practices as it relates to this critical social issue.

  • Purchasing Standards: MGM China has developed a vendor code of conduct related to supplier workplace standards in an effort to eliminate child labor, forced labor, human trafficking or any other violation of human rights. Adherence will be regularly monitored to track compliance.