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Support for local business and SMEs

Supporting Local Small and Medium-sized Businesses ("SMEs")

Since 2007, we have worked consistently with local businesses to build long-term partnerships, while providing support and advice where needed to help smaller businesses thrive and grow. Testament to our approach, approximately 80% of our procurement is with local Macau businesses. Recognizing the vital role that SMEs play in our local economy, significant attention is given to SME engagement.

In 2018, we created 129 new SME partnerships and spent over MOP1 billion with SMEs – an increase of 48% in total spend from the previous year. We also helped the SMEs that are developing E-commerce and promoting data management through electronic platforms. We are honored to have this opportunity to help bolster the city’s SME competitiveness, stimulate local economies and, ultimately, contribute to Macau’s progression toward becoming a smart city.


CASE STUDY: Co-development of a New Purchasing System

In our quest to find a supplier that could help simplify the purchase of office materials, we engaged with New Fast, a local stationery supplier. Facing pressure from scale platforms, New Fast had an urgent need to innovate its system in order to remain competitive.

Recognizing this mutual synergy, we began a collaboration with New Fast. We helped them develop an advanced and efficient purchasing system with the aid of our resources and expertise. The new system eventually reduced our internal delivery procedures from 1.5 hours to only 10 minutes, and has helped New Fast’s revenue grow by an impressive 40% in 2018 versus 2017.


CASE STUDY: SME Business Matching Sessions

In collaboration with the Macao Chamber of Commerce, Macao Economic Bureau, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre, we held our latest SME Business Matching Session at MGM COTAI in November 2018. Over 110 SMEs had one-to-one meetings directly with buying departments related to their product offerings. Attendees were also invited to MGM China’s back-of- house area to see MGM China’s supply chain operations.




CASE STUDY: Stimulating The Economy of Our Communities

MGM Leo’s Macau Travel Tips program is one of our long-term initiatives to support SMEs. Through this program, we offer free shuttle bus services and a specially designed, dedicated website with tour maps that introduce visitors to specialty shops and key events in the old districts. This way, we hope to increase foot traffic in the old districts by attracting more visitors to experience the authentic side of Macau.

Advocator of National Development

Through our national education programs, we organize a wide range of seminars, exchange activities and other initiatives for staff members, all of which are designed to raise awareness about the opportunities created by the government’s national development priorities, including the Belt and Road Initiative, as well as the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) plan.

CASE STUDY: Capitalizing on GBA Opportunities

An integral part of our national development efforts is the SME Engagement Program, which aims to prepare Macau SMEs that are tapping into the development of GBA markets. In October 2018, we partnered with the Macao Wisdom Humanities Encourage Political Association to co-organize a seminar on the taxation and legal system policies in the GBA. The Macao Economic Bureau, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, and the Macao Chamber of Commerce collaborated as supporting units. The seminar invited 5 renowned professionals as speakers. These distinguished guests hail from the legal and tax disciplines in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, and were joined by participants that comprise around 300 professionals and SME representatives. Learnings include the understanding of the policies of the three regions and the difference between the three legal and tax systems.

We also continue to explore opportunities for local entrepreneurs. In July 2018, we supported the “Greater Bay Area Young Entrepreneur Forum 2018” organized by the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Association. This event provides young entrepreneurs with a platform where they can meet, network and exchange ideas.



CASE STUDY: National Education Seminar Series Assimilating into the GBA

Our Zhuhai Brief Shared Services Center was established in November 2014, and we subsequently initiated a talent exchange program in the Greater Bay Area to support our growth strategy. Located in the new central business district of Zhuhai, the modern and stylish workplace is designed with a range of amenities to help our employees relax and recharge. The Center has seen huge success in attracting world-class talent from leading universities in China – affirming our position as a leading talent developer.


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To submit vendor registration forms or any other enquiries. Please contact: SME@MGMCHINA.COM.MO