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MGM Adopts Overarching Approach to Promote Responsible Gaming

As a responsible corporate citizen, MGM has long been a champion of responsible gaming. This year, the Company rolled out a Responsible Gaming (RG) initiative themed “Lost Control, Lose Family” to align with the policies of the Macau Government. The initiative adopted a holistic approach, comprised of a wide range of activities, enabling team members, residents and tourists to better acquire RG knowledge. Through strengthening its bond with local associations this year, MGM has explored more novel and effective means to promote RG such as the community-based roadshows, in a bid to develop a more harmonious and healthier community.

MGM teamed up with the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (SKH), Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (AJVM) and Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home (GEH) to launch a series of RG roadshows, including “MGM x AJVM – Responsible Gaming Roadshow”, “MGM x GEH – ‘Lost Control, Lose Family’ Responsible Gaming Roadshow” and more. The roadshows were conducive to broadening community engagement and inculcating RG concepts into the community. MGM and these associations also collaborated to co-host interactive RG events, such as seminars, multimedia promotions and family-friendly activities, to help audiences better grasp the potential risks of gaming activities.

MGM collaborated with Macao Gaming Industry Employees Home (GEH) to co-organize the “MGM x GEH – ‘Lost Control, Lose Family’ Responsible Gaming Roadshow.”

MGM Responsible Gaming Roadshow and On-site Counseling Promotion.



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