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Suppliers and Business Partners

Code of Conduct, Safety and Hygiene Standards

Acceptance of our Vendor Code of Conduct (“VCOC”) is a requirement in the vendor registration process so all new suppliers to us understand and share MGM China’s commitment to the highest standards of business integrity and ensuring that working conditions in our supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that manufacturing processes are environmentally and socially responsible. 

Food vendors supplying perishable goods to us also agree to site audit inspections to ensure health and hygiene standards are compliant with MGM China’s requirements to ensure a safe, traceable and sustainable supply of goods to us and our customers.  Depending on the food commodities being purchased, the depth and range of our site inspections are scaled to the sensitivity and risk associated with the food handling and processing involved.


Our culture of sustainability is further supported though the procurement practices by MGM China and our suppliers.  Guided by our Sustainable Procurement policy, we seek to maximize the use of sustainable alternatives in the procurement of goods and services at MGM China through collaborative efforts with our internal departments on product and services specifications, tender evaluations and supplier selections. 

Our focus on sustainability is further enhanced through requirements of providing sustainable alternatives to consider in proposal submissions to us across a range of commodities from food & beverage, operating supplies, construction and renovation, transportation and logistics, etc. 

Additional value is placed on proposal submissions which include innovative and impactful sustainable components and from suppliers which have demonstrated leadership in driving sustainability initiatives. 

Supporting local Small and medium-sized businesses

Our creative mind continues to drive our innovation in supporting our small and medium-sized businesses (“SMEs”).  We strive to explore new opportunities to motivate them to grow in a sustainable manner, with a primary focus on “Micro SMEs”, “Made in Macau” and “Young Entrepreneurs”.  The win-win partnerships that we have fostered are testaments to our commitment towards the diversification of Macau’s economy.

Our success in achieving greater supplier diversity has been evident since we set up our MGM SME Advisory Committee in 2015. At present, over 25% of the our total procurement spending goes to local SMEs and 80% of our total procurement spending goes to local Macau enterprises. We stay at the forefront of bringing SMEs to the mainland China and global audience and paving the way for local creative industries to cooperate with us.


CASE STUDY: Facilitating Macau as a Trade Platform

To further the close trade ties between Macau and the mainland, we make every effort to introduce premium mainland products to Macau with the help of local SMEs.

In November 2019, we signed Sichuan Product Procurement Agreements with 3 SME members of Macau Union Suppliers Association (“MUSA”), namely Vang Kei Hong, Seng Kei Hong and Yau Heng Frozen Meat & Food. These were the positive outcome of our participation in a Sichuan inspection tour of agricultural by-products organized by MUSA in October 2019. Seizing an opportunity to partner with SMEs, we decided to purchase specialty products including liquor and oil products from Sichuan through MUSA members as part of our endeavor to help them expand business network.


CASE STUDY: MGM Business Matching Sessions

Our commitment to local SMEs is also manifested by the regular MGM SME Business Matching Session. In November 2019, we hosted the 7th SME Business Matching Session in collaboration with Macao Chamber of Commerce and other organizations.  Participating vendors were mostly from design & advertising, facility management, food & beverage and information technology sectors. Management members from over 20 departments met with 200 SME representatives one-on-one to foster mutual communication, which was crucial to successful matching.

CASE STUDY: Equipping SMEs For The Typhoon Season

The disastrous Typhoon Hato has been a daunting experience to SMEs. Since then, we have initiated a number of programs to support SMEs in their recovery journey, such as the launch of cloud data backup service, assisting them to handle damages as well as installation of flood protection. Before the typhoon season in 2019, we started a new campaign of distributing over 100 emergency kits to the SMEs in the low-lying areas, to prepare them for possible adverse situations. Our team members have visited their SME partners located at the Inner Harbor area and gave every of them an emergency kit. Each kit contains useful tools including poncho, whistle and light torch, along with the specially designed leaflets of preparation tips and emergency contacts, which are useful for critical situations.


CASE STUDY: MGM SMEs In-Room TV Shopping Program

As one of MGM China’s long term support initiatives to local SMEs, we launches “MGM SMEs In-Room TV Shopping Program” in 2019 to help micro SMEs, young enterprises and Made-in-Macau brands to promote their products. Guest at MGM COTAI can ordered the products through our TV portal and products will be delivered by our in-room-dining team. We believe the shopping information can enhance the image and boost the revenue of local SMEs.


Greater Bay Area Opportunities

We took on title sponsorship of the “Work Hand-in-hand to Explore Greater Bay Area Opportunities 2019” series of activities organized by The Industry and Commerce Association of Macau. The program featured an exchange forum, road shows, themed talks and an inspection tour of young entrepreneurs to mainland cities and other countries to explore business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”).

The exchange forum held in April 2019 was attended by guests from GBA cities, other mainland areas as well as Singapore and Brazil.  It came with two business matching sessions, during which we signed a letter of intent with representatives of Ceará Industrial Centre of Brazil and Vang Kei Hong Trading Co., Ltd. on the purchasing of certified food and agricultural products.


CASE STUDY: Empowering the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Co-organized by MGM China and Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center (“MYEIC”) in May 2019, we had provided a professional training seminar to MYEIC members to share about our procurement operation, bidding process and our vendor selection policies and procedures. MGM China forged a deep partnership with MYEIC in procurement information exchange, business matching and professional training, to jointly create opportunities for young entrepreneur members. 


The “MYEIC ProQ Alliance” program also offered young entrepreneurs a one-on-one business matching session to explore business opportunities. We selected Barra Studio, a startup member of MYEIC, to create an unconventional pre-show for Fuerza Bruta Wayra, an immersive 360-degree performance staged at MGM Theater. This was the first time Barra Studio worked with a large-scale enterprise, and the collaboration has proven to be a milestone for their business.


Stepping up our efforts to support youth entrepreneurship, we signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Parafuturo de Macau (“PFM Macau”) in November 2019 to stage the MGM X MYEIC Young Entrepreneur Mentorship Program. The collaboration demonstrated a great symbolic significance, as we are the first large-scale enterprise to conclude such agreement with PFM Macau. Members of MYEIC are mentored by MGM China’s management and industry experts, who share experiences and knowledge with the entrepreneurs.


CASE STUDY: A Celebration of Local Creativity

The creative industries is an important vehicle for Macau’s economic diversification. In collaboration with Macau Cultural and Creative Integrated Services Center (“cCenter”), we presented the “MGM Art Camp X cMarket” at MGM MACAU to expedite the commercialization of the business of local small and medium creative enterprises and young creative professionals.  An integration of creative workshops, industry talks and a local design shop, the project brought about an ideal arena for them to showcase their distinctive creativity to locals and visitors alike.



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