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We go beyond our responsibility as a corporate citizen in creating positive, long-term values within our business operation, the communities in which we operate, our surrounding environment and our partnerships. Over the years, we continued to work towards the realization of our Sustainability Vision, “Create a Better Tomorrow Today” by taking into account the impact of every decision we made along the way. We believe that a strong culture to operate our business sustainably and responsibly will lead us to shaping a more sustainable future for our business, the community and Macau. Moreover, the robust sustainability framework helps us to streamline organization structure and increase our productivity. We pursue sustainability through the combination of internal policies and strategy, which align with the SDGs.

We believe that good sustainability practices are based on sound policy formulation. In 2020, a new integrated sustainability framework was devised in consideration of the market trends, industry practice and stakeholders’ feedback to better strategize our sustainability direction and effort. Our Sustainability Policy framework aligns our Sustainability Vision with MGM China’s mission and its core values in three areas of commitment: Responsible Business, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Responsibility. To fulfil these commitments, we embody People, Community, Planet and Guests & Partners at the heart of our sustainability strategies along with Governance to deliver sustainable values to our business, the environment and society.

MGM China seeks to work collaboratively with its stakeholders both internally across functions within the Company and externally in monitoring the performances and progress of those commitments. Looking forward, we will devise more comprehensive key performance indicators (“KPIs”) under each of the pillars to monitor our sustainability performance and track progression.

MGM Sustainability Policy

Our Sustainability Policy outlines commitments to three overarching pillars: Responsible Business, Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability, with the following objectives:

  1. Commitment to Responsible Business: We are committed to have governance systems in place to best manage sustainability risks and opportunities. We will include important stakeholder groups in the development of our sustainability programs through regular reporting and engagement initiatives.
  2. Commitment to Social Responsibility: We are committed to provide employees with a great place to work and develop. We will give back to the community and invest in its long-term development and prosperity.
  3. Commitment to Environmental Responsibility: We will continuously work to minimize the environmental impacts of our business operations.

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