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Recruitment and development

We are always working hard to create great moments for our customers and community. Our team of over 10,000 employees form the cornerstone of our business. As we celebrate our 11th anniversary of operations in Macau, we honor the 1,948 team members who have been with us for the past 11 years.

At MGM China, we believe that Macau’s future is being shaped by Macau’s very own people. That’s why we fully support the Macau Government’s local talent development initiatives, and are committed to developing local capability and leadership to enhance the overall local talent pool. In 2018, we offered over 200 training courses and provided more than 917,000 training hours, an average of 85 hours per team member.

Everything we do is guided by our goal to unleash the greatness of our talent. As part of this endeavor, we provided training programs for local employees from all walks of life in the hopes of cultivating lifelong learning in the workplace. In August 2018, we saw everyone’s efforts bear fruit when nearly 900 team members graduated, a momentous learning achievement which we commemorated with a grand ceremony.

Graduates of our talent development programs hail from three major categories:

  1. Local Leadership Development – MGM Management Associate Program (“MAP”) and PRIDE Program;
  2. Continuing Education – MGM Academy, MGM eAcademy and other diploma courses in collaboration with tertiary and secondary educational institutions, such as MGM High School Diploma Program and Diploma in Gaming Management;
  3. Professional Skills and Vocational Training – in partnership with the Labour Affairs Bureau, Macau Federation of Trade Unions and other educational institutions; these programs cover a wide spectrum ranging from occupational health and safety, facility management, to electrical and chiller maintenance.

CASE STUDY: Developing Local Leadership Capabilities

The PRIDE Program aims to enhance career and personal development through an intensive 9-to-15-month course. It focuses on identifying and nominating local team members for participation in crucial leadership skill development and cross-departmental exposure, projects, site visits and overseas study field trips. The program has since expanded into four specific topics, namely Leadership, Managerial, Specialist and Supervisory, all of which have been designed to help team members of different levels and departments to unleash their potential. Since the launch of the program in 2014, the Program has honored over 160 graduates, and achieved a talent retention rate of 90%.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning: MGM Academy offers to all team members with the access and resources to further develop themselves in different fields, in which more than 200 academy courses are available. Taking into consideration the different learning needs of team members who may work in different shift and locations, MGM eAcademy, an online learning platform, adopts the technological approach to ensure that learning resources are made available to them anytime and anywhere.

We want to bring continuing education and professional certification opportunities to our team members. To bring this goal to life, we have partnered with the Macau Government, universities and community associations. In 2018, 7 local team members successfully completed the MGM High School Diploma Program and received their diplomas from Escola Secundária Luso-Chinesa de Luís Gonzaga Gomes (“ESLC”).


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Human Rights: As per our Human Rights Policy, we respect the human rights of our employees and follow the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labor, and civil and political rights. Our ethos is to treat all employees with equity and fairness, and provide a proper process and forum where grievances can be heard, discussed and resolved. Our labor policies and practices, which are often above minimum compliance, are laid out in our Employee Handbook and available to all employees in new hire orientation including important information such as compensation and benefits, working hours, and leave entitlement. Rigorous background checks, and relationships with established and trusted contracting agencies support our stance to protect human rights and avoid any child or forced labor.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity: We support equal opportunities and diversity in our workforce, in knowing that a diverse team is a stronger team. Currently we have employees of more than 31 different nationalities with a gender ratio of 53% male and 47% female.

We fully support equal opportunities and diversity in our workforce. At present, we have 40 team members with disabilities who are working in seven departments. We are the current eight-time winner of the annual “Hiring Disabled Staff Recognition Scheme” and “Excellent Disabled Employees Scheme” organized by the Labour Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”) and the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau Government.

To raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, annually we sponsor the “Conference on Intellectually Disabled People in Asia” organized by the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers, and supported by the Special Olympics.  

Referred by Fu Hong Society over a year ago, Vong Heng Lon continues to join us in the Laundry Team. He expressed his appreciation to all colleagues who, thanks to their patient teachings, have helped him progress day by day.

Lo Ka Kio from the MGM Food & Beverage Kitchen was recognized as a top 10 achiever among 72 nominations for the 2018 Outstanding Disabled Employee Award, organized by the DSAL and Social Welfare Bureau.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Occupational Health and Safety: The health and safety of our employees is our utmost priority. This is why we believe in investing to raise their awareness on Occupational Safety and Health (“OSH”) in order to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for everyone.

In August 2018, we teamed up with DSAL to launch the “Hospitality and Catering Industry Safety Card Training” program. 83 of our team members passed the eventual assessment and obtained their Safety Card.

We also organized the “Healthy Workplace & Happy Life” campaign in collaboration with DSAL in September 2018, which saw over 3,000 team members participating in numerous OSH activities, including seminars and the educational game zone.

Promoting a Wholesome Lifestyle: Another important aspect in our role as an employer is taking care of our employees’ wellbeing. In May 2018, we launched a three-week “Healthy Mind Healthy Life” campaign that featured various wellbeing-related activities. Over 10,000 team members and their families took part in the fun-filled events, which included “Health Fun Day”, “Chinese Medical Consultation Day”, “Health Checkpoint”, “World Challenge Day 2018”, “Fun Terrarium Workshop” and health seminars with different topics.




CASE STUDY: Golden Lion Sports Teams

e strive to boost team spirit and provide avenues for different sporting activities, from soccer to fencing, badminton and table tennis, basketball and running clubs. These teams bring people together to enjoy fitness, teamwork, as well as to create new work friendships, bringing back team spirit to the workplace.

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