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Recruitment and development

We have invested heavily in building a formidable pool of talent for Macau in order to support our city’s position as a tourism education and training base for the Greater Bay Area. In 2020, we have provided more than 460,000 training hours with an average of over 44 hours per team member, outperforming our industry peers. Our initiatives go hand in hand with Macau Government’s direction in local development. Our team members are given a wide spectrum of vertical and horizontal career mobility options, complete with comprehensive training and developmental opportunities to help them reach their full potential and career growth. Today, 92% of MGM China’s management team are Macau locals.

In support of the government’s effort to develop Macau into a tourism education and training base in the Greater Bay Area, MGM China provides a spectrum of learning opportunities for team members to acquire professional knowledge and skills in respective areas and from the following three major categories :


  1. Local Leadership Development – PRIDE Program, completed 3 tracks in 2020 – Managerial, Specialist & Supervisory Tracks;
  2. Continuing Education – MGM Academy, MGM eAcademy and other diploma courses in collaboration with tertiary and secondary educational institutions, such as MGM High School Diploma Program and Diploma in Gaming Management;
  3. Professional Skills and Vocational Training – in partnership with Labour Affairs Bureau (“DSAL”), Macau Federation of Trade Unions and other educational institutions.



CASE STUDY: Graduated from High School Together

A total of 25 team members graduated from MGM High School Diploma Program this year, making it the largest group of graduates ever since Escola Secundária Luso-Chinesa de Luís Gonzaga Gomes started collaborating with local gaming operators. Five of them will proceed to post-secondary education at universities in Macau and mainland China to pursue their bachelor degrees.



CASE STUDY: Professional Workforce Development Series with DSAL

MGM China collaborated with the DSAL to launch the “Professional Workforce Development Series” for an estimated 5,000-plus team members. The series offered professional trainings in three major areas, namely “Occupational Quality Training”, “Professional Certification” and “Career Development Program”. It also featured the brand new “Food and Beverage Occupational Quality Training”, making MGM China the first integrated resort hotel to organize training in this aspect with DSAL and Macao Federation of Trade Unions.



CASE STUDY: Organize Seminars to Inspire Team Members

In 2020, MGM China hosted a series of seminars with renowned speakers from different sectors of the community to share topics from national policies, Macau’s anti-pandemic experience to the tourism and economic development of the city, aiming to bring new insights and inspirations to over 1,000 team members.



The culture of learning continues for MGM China’s team members in times of pandemic. MGM China introduced virtual classroom developed by a local young entrepreneur, Yorkshire Online Academy. On top of the existing 6,500 eLearning courses at MGM eAcademy, the virtual classroom transformed traditional classroom courses to distance learning mode and offered a series of new practical courses, which had attracted the registration of over 1,000 team members on this platform.

While everyone stayed home during the critical times, besides the provision of 24-Hour Employee Assistance Hotline to support its team members and family, MGM China stayed in touch with team members via communication app “Service Now”, MGMShare Facebook, email and SMS to disseminate anti-pandemic information and messages to them.  A total of 25 videos of different topics have been produced sending greetings to team members and reminded them to pay attention to hygiene and health. The Company also organized volunteer team members who stayed home to chat online with members of Long Cheng Center of the Fuhong Society of Macau, sending them care and sharing tips of pandemic prevention.



Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Human Rights: As per our Human Rights Policy, we respect the human rights of our employees and follow the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labor, and civil and political rights. Our ethos is to treat all employees with equity and fairness, and provide a proper process and forum where grievances can be heard, discussed and resolved. Our labor policies and practices, which are often above minimum compliance, are laid out in our Employee Handbook and available to all employees in new hire orientation including important information such as compensation and benefits, working hours, and leave entitlement. Rigorous background checks, and relationships with established and trusted contracting agencies support our stance to protect human rights and avoid any child or forced labor.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity: We support equal opportunities and diversity in our workforce, knowing that a diverse team is a stronger team. In 2020, we have employees of more than 33 different nationalities with a gender ratio of 52% male and 48% female.

Workplace equality is indispensable for social inclusion. As part of our endeavor to create a cohesive company culture, we have over 40 disadvantaged team members serving at different departments, enabling them to unleash their potentials and pursue continuous development. In 2020, we harvested a total of 29 HR accolades from international and regional renowned institutions. In the PATA Gold Awards 2020, we have scored the Grand Award in the Human Capital Development Category in recognition of our “Unleashing Greatness” project, making us the first integrated resort and hotel operator in Macau to receive the Grand Award. The new accolade represents the another remarkable achievement of the Company after it earned the PATA Gold Award in Corporate Social Responsibility in 2018.

Other awards included the global BEST Award from the Association of Talent Development, "2020 APAC Digital Learning Program Best Practice Award" by Asia’s leading HR technology institution aTalent and “Best Employer of Year 2020” from China’s leading HR service platform VeryEast.  MGM’s series of anti-epidemic efforts also received the recognition of “Outstanding Enterprise in Fighting the COVID-19 in 2020”.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

MGM China organized the “Healthy Workplace Happy Life” activity with the support of DSAL, Macao Federation of Trade Unions and Women’s General Association of Macau. Comprising of a series of fun happenings, including seminars, design competitions, fitness classes and roadshows, the activity aims to remind team members of work safety and personal wellness, with the theme of "Zero Work Injury, We All Have Responsibility."


MGM China’s Dragon Boat Team participated in Macao International Dragon Boat Races for 12 consecutive years.  In 2020, a total of 59 our team members formed the Dragon Boat Team and split into two sub-teams to compete across 4 categories. The women’s team delivered impressive performance and won the first runner-up in the Macao Standard Dragon Boat Race – Women Category (500m). The accomplishment demonstrates once again the exceptional capability and perseverance of the Golden Lion Team.


In 2020, MGM had no work-related fatalities and lost days due to work injury totaled 1,956 days. 

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