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Dissemination of Corporate Communications

Pursuant to Rule 2.07 of the Rules Governing The Listing of Securities on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Listing Rules”) under expanded paperless regime, Mandatory Electronic Dissemination of Corporate Communications that came into effect on  December 31, 2023, MGM China Holdings Limited (the “Company”) has adopted electronic dissemination of corporate communications (the “Corporate Communication”), which means any documents issued or to be issued by the Company for the information or action of holders of any of its securities, including but not limited to (a) the directors’ report, its annual accounts together with a copy of the auditors’ report and, where applicable, its summary financial report; (b) the interim report and, where applicable, its summary interim report; (c) a notice of meeting; (d) a listing document; (e) a circular; and (f) a proxy form.


New Arrangements

Please note that, from February 8, 2024, both the English and Chinese versions of all future Corporate Communications will be available electronically on the website of the Company at ( ) and the website of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (the “HKEX”) at ( ), in place of printed copies. 

Notwithstanding the above, please note that actionable corporate communications(Note) as defined under the Listing Rules (the “Actionable Corporate Communications”) will be sent to you individually in printed form or through email in accordance with your indicated preference, in addition to being made available electronically on the Company's website and the HKEX's website.


Solicitation of electronic contact details

To ensure timely receipt of the latest Corporate Communications and Actionable Corporate Communications, the Company recommends you to provide your email address at any time by reasonable notice in writing to the Company’s branch share registrar in Hong Kong, Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited at 17M Floor, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong or by email to


If the Company does not receive a functional email address from you, and until such time that a functional email address is provided to the Share Registrar, you may (i) be unable to receive any notifications regarding the publication of Corporate Communications; (ii) need to proactively check the Company’s website and the HKEX’s website to keep up with the publication of Corporate Communications; and (iii) only be able to receive Actionable Corporate Communications in printed form in the future.  


Request for printed copy of Corporate Communications

If you want to receive the Corporate Communications in printed form, please send your written request to the Share Registrar at the above address or send an email to,  specifying your name, address and request to receive the Corporate Communications in printed form. Please note that such request shall be valid for one year and will expire thereafter.

Note:  Actionable Corporate Communication is any corporate communication that seeks instructions from issuer’s securities holders on how they wish to exercise their rights or make an election as the issuer’s securities holder.