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Creating a better Macau is an ethos that we live and work by, and supporting and investing in its development is a cornerstone of our business.  By donating our time, talents, skills and resources to those in need, we are proud to contribute to making Macau a better place.

Community Engagement

To create great moments and building friendships with the elderly, the MGM Volunteer Team are always ready to spend time and energy to spread happiness. In the spirit of the Chinese tradition of spring-cleaning the home before the first day of the Chinese New Year, 180 Volunteer Team members rolled up their sleeves to help get the homes of over 220 households at the Fai Chi Kei housing unit for elderlies ready to welcome the new year.

We also celebrated the beginning of Chinese New Year with 200 elderly citizens of the Women’s General Association of Macau. The day’s festive program included a joyful lion dance performed by MGM’s Junior Lion Dance Team.

Every month, the MGM Volunteer Hairdressing Team, formed by team members, work to give local senior citizens refreshing makeovers with complimentary haircuts for the elderly from different community associations. Our Volunteer Hairdressers have delivered the service for approximately 2,000 senior citizens since 2015.

CASE STUDY: Inclusive Education and Sports

We believe it is important to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion. In April 2018, we sponsored the “Conference on Inclusive Education, Sports and Social Media”, organized by the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers. On that same day, we also organized an art workshop for over 100 athletes with disabilities. The athletes were patiently guided by local artists as well as our Volunteer Team.


Inspiring the Next Generation

We are always looking for ways to engage with the youths of Macau. We seek to help them find a career they can be passionate about and to give them a taste of the professional working environment. We have been opening our doors to thousands of students over the years for them to meet our team members, and see with their own eyes what goes on behind the scenes of a five-star integrated resort.


Our annual summer program for local students, “A Day with MGM”, aims to give them a hands-on working experience at an integrated resort. This year, we welcomed 86 local teenagers aged between 13 to 17 years. These young participants included children and siblings of our team members, as well as members from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Service Coordination Office and General Union of Neighborhood Association of Macao. They enjoyed the unique opportunity of visiting 16 different departments to learn about the daily operations and work culture of MGM.



CASE STUDY: A Taste of Culinary Fun

We invited local youths to tour our properties for a closer look at the professional hospitality, food and beverage industry. Through “A Fun Serving Up Experience”, 60 students from Lar de S. Jose Ká-Hó had the chance to be our food and beverage ambassadors, while learning the intricacies of restaurant service and sequence. 15 teenagers from Sheng Kung Hui Astor Shore joined the “MGM Culinary Program” that aims to enhance their confidence through a structured cooking program, where they learnt how to prepare meals. During the Fun Culinary Day, we also invited 60 children from the Family Service Center of The Women’s General Association of Macau for a cooking class, where they learnt how to create tasty dishes alongside the MGM Culinary Team and Volunteer Team.



CASE STUDY: Learn From the Best

In celebration of the “2018 Macao Year of Gastronomy”, we invited consulting celebrity chefs from MGM COTAI to visit our communities and inspire local talents’ to reinforce Macau’s position as a “UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy”.

In June 2018, Chef Janice Wong teamed up with 20 students and professors from the Macao Polytechnic Institute’s Visual Art, Design as well as Music bachelor’s degree programs. They collaborated to put the finishing touches on her edible art installation, which was on display at our “ART IS PLAY” exhibition. Janice Wong also shared the stories and thinking behind her famed edible artwork, as well as the influences and experiences that have shaped her career.

In July 2018, we organized the “Celebrity Chef Graham Elliot Sharing Session – Creativity X Gastronomy” at the Macao Young Entrepreneur Incubation Centre. Over 100 local young entrepreneurs had the exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with Chef Graham Elliot. The celebrated chef shed light on the latest culinary trends around the world, and discussed with participants the many ways anyone can integrate creativity with gastronomy.

In September 2018, we partnered with the Macau University of Science and Technology (“MUST”) to co-host a culinary workshop with two-Michelin starred Chef Mauro Colagreco at the launch of MUST’s Culinary Labs. 30 students from MUST’s Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management joined the workshop. Among the highlights was a demonstration by Chef Mauro, where he showcased his cooking skills and shared his insights.

Charitable Contributions

We supplement our community programs through cash and in-kind donations. Some of our key donations in 2018 included:

  • MOP600,000 to the Macao Daily News Readers’ Foundation as part of the “Walk for a Million” campaign for the 11th consecutive year
  • MOP500,000 to Macau Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society for 11 years in a row
  • MOP300,000 to the Welfare Shop of Holy House of Mercy for the 7th consecutive year
  • MOP238,500 to Orbis Macau Charity Raffle Sale Campaign, where we were also named the biggest corporate donor in Macau for the 10th consecutive year


CASE STUDY: Strengthening the Community’s Disaster Response Capacity

e are always looking for ways to support the local social service sector in dealing with traumas after a crisis. In May 2018, we sponsored the “Certificate Course on Critical Incident Stress Management - Group Crisis Intervention”, organized by the Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office, which aims to strengthen the community’s preparedness to reactively respond to a disaster.


Contributing to Local Arts and Culture

With art and entertainment being at the heart of our brand for over a decade, we have synergized sports, tourism as well as art and cultural elements to create innovative entertainment experiences. This has driven the diversification of tourism products in Macau, making us a leader in cultural tourism.

From 2007 to 2018, we hosted 25 world-class international and local exhibitions and welcomed around 300,000 visitors. Since its inception in 2013, the MGM Art Space at MGM MACAU remains the only dedicated gallery space in a Macau resort – one which is designed specifically for art and cultural exhibitions. The exhibition at the MGM Art Space, ART IS PLAY, is the most fun and colorful art exhibition with playful art installations by five international female artists.

Art surrounds visitors from the moment they step through our doors at MGM COTAI. Creativity pervades our resorts, forming an immersive experience wherever they go. Our property features over 300 captivating and thought-provoking works that seamlessly integrated with its public spaces. The MGM COTAI Art Collection spans imperial carpets dating from the Qing Dynasty, to modern and contemporary Asian paintings and sculptures. An art symposium was held shortly after the opening of MGM COTAI to redefine public art and further our mission of making art more accessible to the public.

CASE STUDY: Redefine Public Art

The Spectacle is pioneering digital art in MGM COTAI. The Spectacle comprises the world’s largest area of permanent indoor LED screens, featuring digital artworks by internationally renowned artists such as Joel Sartore, Magda Indigo, Garth Williams, Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy.


CASE STUDY: Driving Innovation In Asia’s Leading Performance Venue

As Asia’s first dynamic theater, MGM COTAI’s MGM Theater uses revolutionary technology to present multi-sensory experiences unlike anything ever seen before. MGM Theater seats up to 2,000 people in more than 10 spectacular configurations, which allows the innovative space to host concerts, shows, corporate and other events. It is also the world’s first theater to feature a GALA revolving seating system in a 360-degree format surrounding stage. Big names that have hit the stage at MGM Theater include pop diva Kylie Minogue, Grammy award-winning British vocalist Sam Smith, K-Pop powerhouse SUPER JUNIOR, and Chinese legendary singer Na Ying.



CASE STUDY: Passing On Chinese Cultural Heritage

The celebration of traditional Chinese arts and culture is a fundamental theme of our Art Program. In an increasingly global society, we recognize the importance of preserving and celebrating age-old traditions and treasuring arts from a bygone era.

The MGM COTAI Art Collection features an impressive collection of 28 imperial carpets dating back to the Qing Dynasty. These rare relics, which once decorated the halls of the Forbidden City, are a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship that existed in Imperial China.

Meanwhile, riding on the popularity of Chinese television drama “Story of Yanxi Palace” which attracted a worldwide audience of 15 billion especially among the younger generations, we held the “Explore the Beauty of Chinese Embroidery”, showcasing intangible cultural heritage and craftsmanship, as depicted in the drama and in our imperial carpets exhibition. The curation includes exhibits of actual items from the wardrobe designs of the drama, as well as ancient costumes from the Kunqu opera.

The launch of the exhibition was followed with a living heritage symposium at the MGM Theater. Over 500 art and culture enthusiasts from Macau and across the region came together with 4 industry experts to discuss Chinese heritage, its modern interpretation and presentation, to a new wave of designers and innovators.