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While we adhere to our corporate culture of “Developing the City and Building our Community”, we believe we can do more than volunteer activities. Aiming to build lasting friendships with our community, we focus on the continuity of our community activities to grow together with our friends.

Community Engagement

MGM China donated 500,000 face masks to the Macau Government to support its mask distribution scheme. The Company also donated 100,000 children-sized masks and health checking robots to the Women's General Association of Macau. Both parties collaborate to launch the “Guardian of Love” program to distribute masks to eligible children and help monitor their health.

MGM China also partnered with various community partners to deliver support for those in need. MGM China supplied frontline staff with masks, disposable caps and other necessary items, in partnership with Macau Federation of Trade Unions of Macau (“FAOM”), General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (“UGAMM”) and Caritas Macau. The Company also donated anti-pandemic supplies to community organizations, including Tung Sin Tong, Holy House of Mercy, FAOM, UGAMM, Fuhong Society of Macau and Caritas Macau, which benefitted local community services and underprivileged families.


Besides anti-pandemic supplies, MGM China prepared 1,000 supply kits for solitary and vulnerable elderly in need to reduce their risk of infection.  Each supply kit includes hand sanitizer, toilet paper, noodles, oatmeal and other daily necessities, and were distributed via FAOM, UGAMM and Caritas Macau. In collaboration with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office, MGM China also distributed 800 sets of learning kits to families with special needs, to help children enhance their self-care and learning abilities despite class suspension during the pandemic and reduce parental stress.

In addition to expressing our appreciation to the medical staff in Hubei, MGM China also co-organized the “Sweet Indulgence in Appreciation to the Angels in White” campaign on this year’s International Nurses Day with the Women's General Association of Macau, the Nurses Association of Macau and the Association of Building a Good Home Together. The campaign aimed to show extra appreciation to our nurses by distributing 3,000 sets of MGM China-sponsored gifts.


As the pandemic has also raised concern over the hygiene of public areas, MGM China launched the “MGM SME Anti-Epidemic Support” program, a win-win initiative engaging a local SME cleaning company to carry out cleaning and sterilizing work for 150 SMEs to create a clean environment for a fresh start. The Company also provided cleaning services to daycare centers, social enterprises, sheltered workshops, vocational training centers, treatment and educational centers of Women’s General Association of Macau, Fuhong Society of Macau, Association of Parents of the People with Intellectual Disabilities of Macau, Macau Special Olympics and Macau Caritas, to ensure a hygienic environment for different communities.


To revive local tourism, MGM China joined the “Macao Ready Go! Local Tours” launched by the Macao Government Tourism Office between June and September in 2020 to give residents economical options to explore the city. The MGM COTAI Spectacular Tour took the participants to a tour of MGM COTAI followed by The Experience show as well as behind-the-scenes visit at the MGM Theater and savored a dining experience at restaurants of MGM COTAI.


Macau Government commenced the “DSAL Skills Upgrading and Employment Training Program” series to help locals to acquire new skills that can facilitate job hunting.  MGM China lent its full support to the program, offering mentorship and experiential learning to participants of four culinary courses. The Company committed its resources to enhancing the occupational skills for 120 locals, so that they are prepared for opportunities that may arise when the economy rebounds.



CASE STUDY: Continuing the Philanthropic Traditions

MGM China organized the 9th “Spring Clean for Love” at the Centro de Dia Brilho da Vida of Caritas Macau, where a group of 200 MGM Volunteers helped clean 220 households of senior citizens at the Fai Chi Kei housing unit. MGM China’s another CNY tradition – “Haircut for Love” program also took place several times to give fresh makeover for the seniors.


CASE STUDY: MGM Community Care Campaign

Held for the 9th consecutive year to spread warmth and care to the community, this year the “MGM Community Care Campaign” collaborated with 20 community associations and has benefitted over 300 youth and children.  MGM team members spent a total of almost 1000 volunteering hours to encourage the younger generation to give back to society and develop a closer relationship with their family and the community.

The Campaign featured an array of heartwarming activities, including “The MGM Experience”, which gave teenagers hands-on work experience at an integrated resort and an opportunity to volunteer in the community; the “MGM Floral Design Workshop”, which offered teenage girls from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office an opportunity to learn floral arrangement; the “MGM Children’s Health Day”, where professionals from Worker’s Medical Clinic of FAOM were invited to provide free body check-ups for 200 children; the “Inclusion Baking Workshop” where volunteers created a great bond with their children and Macau Special Olympics members; the “Clothing and Toys Donation” that transferred collected items from MGM China’s team members to Macau Salvation Army and Happy Market of Fuhong Society of Macau; and the “Blood Donation”.



Inspiring the Next Generation

For over a decade, MGM China has joined forces with government departments and local institutions to introduce internship programs for local youth. In 2020, the Company especially lent its full support to “Fresh Graduate Internship Program”, an initiative of DSAL, to provide internship programs for 22 fresh university graduates. MGM China is also the only large-scale integrated resort operator to support “Summer Internship Program” launched by Education and Youth Affairs Bureau for six consecutive years, and to date, over 60 university students have joined this program.  In addition, for 8 consecutive years, the Company has held “MGM High School Internship Program” supported by Escola Luso-Chinesa Técnico-Profissional and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center to advocate early career planning which attracted a total of over 80 participants.


As part of Macau University of Science and Technology (“MUST”)’s 20th Anniversary celebration, MGM China and MUST co-organized a Culinary Demonstration Workshop for students of the School’s Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Ugo Rinaldo, Executive Sous Chef of MGM COTAI was invited to demonstrate some culinary techniques and share insights of the industry, which benefited the student’s professional growth in the field.


MGM China’s signature summer program for children, “Junior Lion Dance Training Program”, came to its sixth edition this year. A graduation ceremony took place in September 2020 for the 40 new graduates, celebrating their completion of the intensive seven-week training. An ideal occasion for young children to learn about lion dance, a significant part of Lingnan culture, the Program trains the children to be good team players with self-discipline and get physically fit through a series of fun-packed activities. To date, MGM China has trained nearly 380 future lion dance masters, and 80 of them even joined the “Junior Lion Dance Continuous Training Program” to continue their journey.


Innovative Service Offerings for the Community

MGM China partners with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (“SKH”) to introduce the first community-wide speech therapy service vehicle in the Greater Bay Area, the “Ü CARE Moving Care and Service Shuttle”. The vehicle will tour around local community to provide consulting, case referrals and students on language development for children and families in need.


MGM China joined hands with Fuhong Society of Macau to provide a series of food and beverage related vocational trainings to the mental health rehabilitants of Fuhong Society of Macau, who are working at the restaurant Portuguese Corner, the latest vocational training project at its Po Choi Center. With the aim of pushing the operations towards a more professional standard, MGM China sent its chefs and service team to conduct a series of trainings, including core-service procedures, service manners and culinary trainings.


CASE STUDY: Cultivating Dancing Talents

MGM China and Macau Dance Association invited Shi Qianjin, President of Guangzhou Dancers Association, who is also the director of the National Day Celebration’s official ethnic dance drama “Awakening Lion”, to host a sharing session for local dance enthusiasts. Aiming at nurturing local artists and promoting the art of dancing to the general public, Shi shared the creativity behind the masterpiece as well as an analysis on current art marketing trends. 


CASE STUDY: Instills Craftsmanship into Team Members and Community

MGM China collaborated with Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions and Macau Federation of Trade Unions to kick off the “Fostering & Nurturing Great Craftsmanship in Greater Bay Area (Macau)” initiative and hold the “Sharing Session on Nanyue Craftsmanship”. The three parties signed a memorandum of understanding, making craftsmanship part of MGM China’s talent development programs and organized the “Craftsmanship Training Course” for frontline staff, where they learned from professional speakers arranged by Guangdong Federation of Trade Unions. The two events benefited 300 MGM China’s frontline team members and individuals from different organizations. At the community level, MGM China joined forces with trade unions and schools to impart the spirit of craftsmanship to the younger generation, which drew a total of nearly 300 teachers and students. The efforts will help Macau nurture a pool of talents with craftsmanship traits, which would eventually enrich the quality of culture in the Greater Bay Area.



Charitable Contributions

MGM China is committed to philanthropic work in the belief of sharing its success with every Macau citizen.

Charitable Contribution for Pandemic in 2020

  • MOP20 million to Hubei province for purchasing preventive and medical supplies, as well as urgent-needed materials and equipment to fight against the pandemic.
  • Donated 500,000 face masks to the Macau Government to support the government’s mask distribution scheme, and also donated 100,000 children-sized masks and health checking robots to the Women's General Association of Macau for distributing to eligible children and help monitor their health.
  • Became the first integrated resort to answer the government’s call to waive 15 days of basic rent, for all MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI retail tenants.
  • Donated 1,000 supply kits for solitary and vulnerable elderly in need to reduce their risk of infection due to going out, and were distributed via FAOM, UGAMM and Caritas Macau.
  • Donated 800 sets of learning kits to families with special needs, to help children enhance their self-care and learning abilities despite class suspension during the pandemic and reduce parental stress in collaboration with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office.
  • Distributed 3,000 sets of MGM China-sponsored gifts to all nurses in Macau with Women's General Association of Macau, the Nurses Association of Macau and the Association of Building a Good Home Together, for expressing the greatest gratitude for their hard work and steadfast dedication that protect our city from the pandemic.

Charitable Contribution for Annual Donation in 2020

  • MOP300,000 to the Macau Holy House of Mercy’s Welfare Shop project, financing the distribution of food hampers to over 360 local disadvantaged households. We have contributed a total of MOP2.3 million to this charitable good deed for the 8th consecutive year, benefitting 7,900 people.
  • In support of Tung Sin Tong Charitable Society’s annual fundraising campaign for the 13th consecutive year, we donated MOP600,000 to assist in their provision of local welfare services at large, bringing its total commitment to the Society to MOP6 million.
  • For the 13th consecutive year, we donated MOP600,000 to Macao Daily News Readers’ Foundation to support the “Walk for a Million” campaign.

CASE STUDY: Helping the Community to Ward Off Typhoons

Since Typhoon Hato’s attack in 2017, every year MGM China will get the community prepared before the typhoon season. In 2020, the “Together, We Fight the Pandemic and Storms” activity was held with the support of the Family and Integrated Community Service Center of Seac Pai Van of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (“UGAMM”). With the aim of equipping the elderly for the typhoon season and the pandemic, over 60 MGM volunteers conducted home cleaning, distributed daily necessities, and provided house safety inspections and haircuts for 50 single elderly households.



Spearheading the Regional Art and Cultural Development

With originality and state-of-the-art technology, MGM China presented Sea Odyssey, a brand-new innovative entertainment allowing audience to submerge in the underwater wonderland.  Flying dolphins, sea horse and other sea creatures swim in the air at the Spectacle of MGM COTAI and Grande Praça of MGM MACAU.  With animation of the mysterious ocean shown on the 25 LED screens of the Spectacle, the vibrant space turned into a deep-sea adventure as well as the best selfie spot in town.


As the year of 2020 saw the 250th anniversary of music maestro Ludwig van Beethoven's birth and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, MGM China partnered with Macao Orchestra to take classical music out of the solemn concert halls –  together they presented the “Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day: A Tribute to Nature” at MGM COTAI, with the Orchestra performing Beethoven's Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68 “Pastoral” under the world-renowned roof.. Right before Christmas, both parties joined hands once again for a live festive symphony concert in which the crowd’s favorite “Sea Odyssey” also took part with a festive makeover, where the beloved flying dolphins were gliding in the air with the reverberating rhythm of Saint-Saens’ “Aquarium” from “Carnival of Animals” to kick-start this unique concert experience.

The installation art Valkyrie Octopus was created by renowned Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos commissioned especially for MGM MACAU in 2015, which is her largest piece of artwork to date.  In order to exemplify Macau as a World Center of Tourism and Leisure as well as  the economic and trade cooperation platform for China and Portuguese-speaking countries, MGM China and Joana Vasconcelos joined hands to take Valkyrie Octopus on touring exhibitions in the Belt and Road countries for the sake of  promoting cultural exchange in an international level.  In 2020, Valkyrie Octopus celebrated its homecoming to MGM MACAU as it explored auspicious essences from all over the world and brought back multiple best wishes from different cultures.

Celebrating the return of the gigantic art piece and the 15th anniversary of the inscription of “The Historic Center of Macau”, MGM MACAU launched the “Sino-Portuguese Cultural Tour” leading guests into a journey of Sino-Portuguese aesthetics filled with art, architecture, music, gastronomy and craft.


The new ‘M Art at MGM COTAI is a conceptual creative space which endeavors to promote aesthetical beauty and creativity. It creates a perfect exchange platform for artists and cultural lovers of different background and age to spark art and cultural conversations.  ‘M Art brings in different categories of art with the aim to promote the development of local creative industries and nurture local artists through the training of art guides and provide them opportunities to show their artistic talent.  In 2020, the space had collaborated with many local artists such as Skic Cheok and Winky Lam, and introduced the “MGM Memory Card” with YCC and Vanda Chan to unleash the creativity and imagination of every visitor of MGM China.


Everybody can be an artist at MGM China. The “Kids Imagination” activity series invited children to team up with their parents in a wonderful array of eye-opening experiences. The “1,2,3 Rock Paper Scissors” engaged little minds aged 5 or above to unleash their imagination by creating Chinese ink paintings with their parents, using coffee ground as pigments in the eponymous game and color it up with the elements of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms . Children aged 3 or above had fun with their parents in “You Are Monkey King” workshop, where Journey To The Great West by contemporary artist Hung Yi and the literary saga behind the artwork were reinterpreted in an exhilarating way.



CASE STUDY: Macau Debut Show of “Queen of Livestream Sales”

To boost Macau’s tourism industry and aid economic recovery, Dong Mingzhu, Chairman of Gree Electric which is one of the world’s Top 500 public companies, joined hands with the Secretary of Economy and Finance of Macao Special Administrative Region, Macau Economic Bureau, Macao Government Tourism Office, Macau Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and various industry contributors to organize the first-ever grand livestream show in Macau. MGM Theater was being chosen as the livestream show venue and turned itself into different styles of smart home scenes, boosting a record-breaking sales result of over RMB0.9 billion, the new height of livestream sales in Macau. 


CASE STUDY: Star-studded Award Ceremonies

The highly regarded awards of Chinese film - the Huading Awards, took place at the MGM Theater in 2020 with the “27th Huading Awards – China’s Top 100 Film Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony” in October 2020 and the “29th Huading Awards – China’s Top 100 TV Series Satisfaction Survey Release Ceremony” in December 2020.  The two star-studded award evenings saw a dazzling constellation of top favorite actors and directors, all gathered at the MGM Theater to wait for the world’s largest permanent indoor LED screen to unveil the list of winners.