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Responsible gaming is a topic which employees from every department must learn on the first day of their job and are reminded of regularly through classroom instruction or internal communications. Trained staff and representatives are on duty 24/7 and can offer assistance to players regarding problem gambling issues. Responsible gaming is promoted to our guests through information kiosks and other communications throughout our properties. The first line of contact in handling a responsible gaming case onsite is the Responsible Gaming Operations Team, who are specifically trained to identify issues, file self-exclusion forms and liaise with counseling agencies. In line with Macau legislation, we also have a Responsible Gaming Committee comprising of senior management.

To allow our team members to respond to potential gambling-related problems, we collaborated with Sheng Kung Hui to provide professional counselling service for them and their family.  We continued to support and participate into the annual “Macau Responsible Gaming Campaign” co-organized by the Social Welfare Bureau, DICJ and the University of Macau.

CASE STUDY: Holistic Approach to Responsible Gaming

The theme of 2020 Responsible Gaming (“RG”) promotion is “Lost Control, Lose Family”, which emphasizes that RG can make an impact on family well-being. Covering a spectrum of topics, our RG promotions range from roadshows, training programs, workshops & seminars, prized quizzes to family outings. Besides the “Healthy Family Starts with Financial Stability Workshop” conducted by a Sheng Kung Hui speaker, the Company also launched new training program “Let’s Roll RG”, which is an interactive course for team members to learn more about the causes of addiction, RG conducts and financial planning.