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Anti-Human Trafficking

We participate in and organize multi-stakeholder collaborations on human trafficking to join forces across the public and private sector. In 2016 key initiatives included: 

  • Hospitality Seminar on Anti-Human Trafficking: Facilitated by the Mekong Club, a non-profit organization that aims to harness the skills of the private sector to combat human trafficking, this roundtable seminar welcomed professionals from local hotels, operators and other community partners to discuss direct actions the hospitality sector can take through its operational and supply chain activities.

  • Documentary Screening: In collaboration with the Good Shepherd Center, another non-profit dedicated to human rights protection, we sponsored and hosted a public screening of “Not My Life”, a documentary exposing viewers to a world where millions of children worldwide are being exploited and forced to live in modern day slavery. 

  • Management training: We arranged comprehensive training for all senior management, provided directly by the government-led Human Trafficking Deterrent Measures Concern Committee, to understand the important initiatives underway in the Macau community to drive prevention and awareness.

More generally all staff receive awareness raising training on Anti-Human Trafficking in new hire orientation. All security staff receive detailed training on how to deal with any suspected case, with immediate action to be taken if suspected by reporting to the police. 

Position Statement Against Human Trafficking:

MGM China, as a leader in the hospitality industry, supports the protection of human rights.  MGM China is committed conducting our business operations accordingly, which includes standing against forced labor and trafficking. 

We recognize that forced labor and human trafficking is a crime of global proportions.  In 2014, the International Labour Organization (ILO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, estimated that illegal profits from forced labor worldwide amount to approximately $150 billion per year, making forced labor, slavery or involuntary servitude, unlawful child labor and/or sexual exploitation against men, women or children one of the largest illicit money-making activities in the world.  In a 2012 report, the ILO estimates that almost 21 million people are in forced labor, including 5.5 million children and 4.4 million in forced sexual exploitation. 

MGM China supports the elimination of forced labor and human trafficking and its destructive effect upon humanity and our communities across the globe.