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Creating a better Macau is an ethos that we live and work by, and supporting and investing in its development is a cornerstone of our business.  By donating our time, talents, skills and resources to those in need, we are proud to contribute to making Macau a better place.

Community Engagement

Volunteerism: In 2017, we held 95 different community activities donating over 9,000 hours to bettering our community, a record for the Company. Through our Golden Lion Volunteer Team, we organized a range of events throughout the year focusing on our core categories of caring for senior citizens, the youth and persons with disabilities in Macau. Participation in volunteering is led from the top, with senior management, including our CEO, being active participants in our initiatives.

CASE STUDY: Caring for Macau’s Senior Citizens

Our aim is to not only provide support, but also bring friendship, companionship and attention to those that need it the most. Some of the activities in 2017 include:

  • A senior citizens health day was delivered by 20 professional doctors from the Chinese Medicine Association to provide complimentary health consultations to over 200 senior citizens.
  • In spirit of the Chinese tradition to spring clean the home before Chinese New Year (“CNY”) as a symbol of good luck and fortune, 160 MGM Volunteer Team members teamed up with Centro de Dia “Brilho da Vida” to roll up their sleeves to help 220 households at the Fai Chi Kei housing unit for senior citizens to get their homes ready for CNY.
  • For another CNY tradition, to be at our best for the coming of a New, our 30 Volunteer Hairdresser Team members also provided complimentary haircuts to 145 senior citizens at Asilo de Santa Maria and Centro de Dia “Brilho da Vida”.
  • A visit was paid to 30 senior citizens by our MGM Volunteer Team and led by MGM Property Operations’ technicians, to repair appliances and fix household plugs.


CASE STUDY: Community Participation

MGM Macau Eco TrailHiker: 2017 marks the first year we became 

the official title sponsor of the Macau Eco TrailHiker, Macau’s most popular group hiking event which serves to bring the community together, foster teamwork and comradery, promote active living, and importantly remind us of the natural beauty Macau has to offer. The proceeds of the event were donated to the Good Shepherd Sisters and the Macau Rotary Club.

Walk for a Million: we have supported Walk for a Million, the annual fundraising event organized by the Macao Daily News Readers’ Foundation since 2007. Led by the senior management team, close to 1,000 team members participated in the community charity walk on December 10, 2017.



CASE STUDY: Preserving the Age-old Tradition of Lion Dance

In 2017, we partnered with Hong Wai Sports and Recreations Association of Macau to hold the 7-week Junior Lion Dance Training Program for 75 young children between 5-10 years old with the aim to cultivate interest in Chinese traditional dance and culture amongst the youth in Macau. To continue to develop the knowledge and skills of our program graduates, we also organized an educational trip in August to Foshan, the birthplace of lion dance, for 24 past graduates to further develop and continue their interest in this age-old tradition.



CASE STUDY: Learning From the Best!

A Football Training Session Like no Other

On July 22, 2017, MGM welcomed Liverpool Football Club (“LFC”), the Premier League football club from the U.K., to hold a unique soccer clinic for 64 young local soccer enthusiasts, aged between 6-14 years. Two well-known LFC legends, Mr. Robbie Fowler and Mr. Sami Hyypia, ended the training session by sharing their inspirational stories and tips for success with the young soccer players.


Lessons From a Master Chef

On July 4, 2017, we co-organized a unique culinary workshop with the Institute for Tourism Studies (“IFT”), including the internationally renowned Chef Graham Elliot, a consulting chef to MGM COTAI’s restaurant, Coast. Over 30 participants including local food and beverage professionals and IFT’s Culinary Arts Management Bachelor Degree Programme students attended this workshop where Chef Elliot performed a cooking demonstration and shared with the group his experience and philosophy on cooking.



Charitable Contributions

We supplement our community programs through cash and in-kind donations. In 2017, we contributed over HK$17 million to the community through cash and in kind donations, plus additional contributions of HK$29 million made through the Typhoon Hato Disaster Relief Fund discussed in the next case study.

Some of the key contributions in 2017 included:

  • MOP2.5HK$2.4 million donated to establish the Salvation Army Learning Center (Macau)
  • HK$2.1 million donated to the TrailHiker event
  • HK$580,000 donated to Macao Daily News Readers’ Foundation as part of the Walk for a Million Campaign
  • HK$490,000 donated to Tong Sin Tong’s charitable fundraising activity
  • HK$290,000 donated to the Welfare Shop of Macau Holy House of Mercy

CASE STUDY: Disaster Relief Fund Following Typhoon Hato

On August 23, 2017, Typhoon Hato struck Macau, claiming 10 lives and leaving much of the city without power and water, bringing business and transport to a standstill.

In the immediate aftermath, MGM China, MGM Resorts and Ms. Pansy Ho immediately teamed up to contribute a dedicated fund of HK$29 million to rebuild the Macau community, with our team member’s needs also being prioritized.

To assist local small and medium-sized businesses (“SMEs”) affected by the typhoon to get back on track and operating as normal again, we developed a targeted SME Relief Program. To best structure the Program, we conducted a survey of 220 SME vendors considered most vulnerable to the effects of the typhoon. We also convened a SME Committee to advise on ways to deliver the most effective impact. The resulting program consisted of comprehensive measures such as expedited payment processing and upfront payment to alleviate cash flow needs, logistics support and assistance with minor to major damages.

In the days following the typhoon, our Volunteer Team took to the streets distributing food, water and daily necessities to those in need, as well as helping to clear some of the city’s walking trails.



Contributing to Local Arts and Culture

Art and entertainment are at the heart of our business. With the continuous addition of non-gaming elements to both MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI, we are committed to supporting the Macao SAR’s vision to become the “World Center of Tourism and Leisure”.

Over the last decade, MGM MACAU has hosted 23 world-class international and local exhibitions and welcomed more than 280,000 visitors to foster and encourage art and its appreciation.

Driven by our aim to make art accessible to all, in 2017 we organized over 110 complimentary guided community art tours to share key information and answer questions about our exhibitions. An important part of this program is the training program we have created to hone the skills of our art guides. To date, over 450 local students have been trained as art docents at MGM MACAU to further share our appreciation of art through the training of local individuals, as well as through the knowledge they share with visitors to our property.

CASE STUDY: Interactive Art with the teamLab Future Park

On December 1, 2017 MGM launched the “Learn & Play! teamLab Future Park” at the MGM Art Space. The teamLab Future Park project explores the theme of co-creative learning through digital technology and brings five inspiring digital installations to Macau including: Graffiti Nature - Mountains and Valleys, Sketch Christmas / Sketch Town, Sketch Town Papercraft, Light Ball Orchestra, and A Table where Little People Live.



CASE STUDY: A Unique Art Experience at Art Basel

We partnered with Art Basel Hong Kong in March to deliver Kingsley Ng's “Twenty-Five Minutes Older”, thanks to the sponsorship of our parent company MGM Resorts International. Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng, who is renowned for conceptual and community-engaging artwork, transformed two of the city’s iconic trams to create an altered reality allowing tram passengers to experience Hong Kong in a new and eye-opening way.



We also organized three unique art tours for 45 local art enthusiasts from the Cultural Industries Fund, the Committee of Cultural Industries from Macau, as well as a group of students and professors from the Visual Arts and Design bachelor’s degree programs of the Macao Polytechnic Institute. The groups also had the chance to meet Kingsley Ng in person, as well as take a tour of the wider Art Basel experience.