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“Creating a Better Macau” is an ethos that we live and work by, and supporting and investing in its development is a cornerstone of our business. 

Supported by our Philanthropy and Community Engagement Policy and Procedure, our community engagement programs and charitable contributions focus on the following areas of contribution: Youth, Senior Citizens, Disabled and Arts and Culture in Macau. By donating our time, talents, skills and resources to those in need, we are proud to contribute to making Macau a better place.

Community Engagement
In 2016, we held 95 different community activities donating over 6,400 hours to bettering our community, a new record for our Company. Through our Golden Lion Volunteer Team, we organized a range of events throughout the year such as spring cleaning for the senior citizens of Macau, organizing food drives, and tree planting.

Caring for Macau Senior Citizens
At MGM China, caring for senior citizens is one of the central tenets of our community program.

Supporting the Health of Senior Citizens: In July 2016, for the 7th year running, we teamed up with the Chinese Medicine Association of Macau to hold a special Health Day for over 200 local senior citizens from four Caritas Macau Associations. We invited 20 medical practitioners to provide one-on-one health consultations, after which each person received a package of prescribed herbal soup. We also provided a group health talk discussing the merits of effective acupuncture massage.

Brightening up Life with a New Look: For the second year running, selected Golden Lion Volunteer Team members received professional hairdressing training to provide complimentary haircuts for senior citizens. In 2016, 21 team members, including management staff, took on the 2-month course led by professional hairdressers, providing 550 haircuts for Macau senior citizens.

Home Spring Cleaning: In spirit of the Chinese tradition to spring clean the home before Chinese New Year as a symbol of a new start, we have teamed up with Centro de Dia “Brilho da Vida” to help in the festive activity for the last four years. In 2016, 150 of our Golden Lion Volunteer Team members led by our management team, rolled up their sleeves to help 200 households at the Fai Chi Kei housing unit to get their homes ready for the coming New Year.

Caring for the Youth
We hope to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams and reach their true potential.

Learning New Skills: In 2016, for the 5th year running, we organized the MGM Golden Lion Summer Camp. As part of the program we took 90 local high school students from Macau to Yuen Long in Hong Kong to enjoy the Po Leung Kuk Tai Tong Holiday Camp. The camp aims to help develop self-confidence, as well as skills in communications, creative thinking and problem solving through a range of outdoor activities. The program began with a breakfast at MGM to meet our CEO as well as other senior leaders in our company, before being whisked off to enjoy the action-packed 3-day holiday camp set amongst nature in Yuen Long.

Experiencing a Working Environment: We recognize the importance of giving students the opportunity to experience a professional working environment to help them to identify their future career paths. Every year, we invite a group of local high school students, aged 13-17 years, to experience working side by side with our team  members in one of our signature initiatives, “A Day at MGM”. In August 2016, we welcomed 75 students from several local schools, among those including family members of our employees, members from Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Service Coordination Office and students from the Macao General Union of Neighborhood Association, as well as winners from the “Macau Outstanding Teenagers Award” to our property to see what goes on behind the scenes at MGM MACAU, under the guidance of a mentor.

Recognizing Outstanding Teens: For the 4th time, in 2016 we partnered with Macau Youth Affairs Bureau to sponsor the Macau Outstanding Teenagers Award which seeks to recognize exceptional teens within our community that possess impressive talent, drive, energy and enthusiasm for community and personal development. The campaign is organized every two years by the Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau (“YMCA”).

Sparking Interest Chinese Traditions: In 2016, we partnered with Hong Wai Sportsand Recreations Association of Macau to hold the Junior Lion Dance Training Program for 75 young children between 5-10 years old. This unique 6-week training program aimed to cultivate interest in Chinese traditional dance and culture amongst the youth in Macau.

Caring for the Disabled
Creating a more welcoming world for people with disabilities is a mission close to our hearts at MGM China.

Spotlighting Social Inclusion: In 2016, we sponsored and hosted the Conference on Inclusion of Intellectually Challenged in Asia’s Modern Society, organized by the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers. Among many distinguished guests and speakers, the conference welcomed the key note speaker Mr. Wilfried Lemke, the United Nations Special Advisor on Sport for Development and Peace, who highlighted the importance of sport as a transformative tool that bridges divides and builds teamwork and acceptance. The conference was held in parallel with the Special Olympics Golf Masters, which welcomed athletes to Macau from around the world.

Promoting Social Inclusion through Art: Through the medium of Art, we also aim to build a more inclusive society by highlighting the artistic talent of people with disabilities within our community, in the hope of raising awareness and breaking down barriers. We joined forces with Special Olympics Macau to highlight the artistic creativity of the Special Olympics Athletes in the world-renowned Macau Grand Prix through the “Penz13 BMW Motorrad Art Program”. Over 30 athletes were invited help us create colorful works of art which were imprinted on the motorbikes of two sponsored Penz13 BMW racing motorcycles.

Community Corporate Gift: We partnered with Fuhong Society, a non-profit organization which provides people with disabilities in Macau with employment and training opportunities, to create our new corporate gift designed by Mr. Leong Ieng Wai, an autistic artist who works at Macau Fuhong Society.

Charitable Giving
Throughout 2016, we financially supported 67 community organizations including 18 charitable organizations, 7 schools and universities, 42 associations and chambers of commerce. A total value of approximately MOP15.4 million was contributed to community organizations through cash and in-kind donations.

MGM UnionPay Affinity Credit Card
In collaboration with Banco Nacional Ultramarino (“BNU”), we launched the “BNU MGM UnionPay Triple Currency Credit Card” for our staff.  This affinity credit card is the first of its kind within the Macau industry that donates a percentage of all eligible card spending annually to local charity organizations.

Contributing to Arts and Culture in Macau
Art, entertainment and creativity are at the heart of our business.  Since 2008, MGM MACAU has hosted 21 world-class international and local exhibitions and welcomed more than 200,000 visitors to foster and encourage art and its appreciation.

Art is for All: The “Fun for Everyone Campaign” kept us all entertained with MGM MACAU’s Art Space hosting an exquisite sculpture display, “Edgar Degas: Figures in Motion”. From April-November, the complementary exhibit received more than 23,500 guests and 150 tours.

During the campaign, our Grande Praça also hosted a majestic Butterfly Garden, a kaleidoscope of colorful giant butterflies hovering above our colossal aquarium.

Community Tours:On an on-going basis, we hold complementary art tours for the local community. In 2016, we organized over 150 community art tours for organizations and societies in Macau and beyond.

Docent Program: In 2016, we trained and recruited 60 local university students interested in the field of the arts, to lead art tours and provide information to members of the community.


2016 Recognition – Community 

  • We were awarded with the “Enterprise Community Care Award” by the Youth Committee of Macao Chamber of Commerce in recognition of our commitment involvement;

  • For the 6th consecutive year, we were named "Outstanding Corporate for Volunteerism" by the Association for Social Service Volunteers of Macau. In addition to this team accolade, four team members from our Golden Lion Volunteer Team also received individual recognitions for their volunteering efforts including an award for "Unwavering Commitment to Volunteerism” and another three “Star Volunteer Awards”; and

  • At the 8th International Volunteer Recognition Ceremony, organized by the Youth Volunteers Association of Macau, 10 team members were awarded the “Outstanding Rainbow Life Volunteer” Award and two were further recognized as 5th and 8th place in the “Top Ten Rainbow Life Volunteer of the Year” Award.