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Recruitment and development

Our team of 9,266 employees are the cornerstone of our business.  We provide our team members with the tools and experiences to reach their full potential including: high quality career experiences, 

learning and development opportunities as well as industry and community activities to showcase their professionalism. In 2017, we provided our team with more than 569,000 training hours, with over 60 hours per employee. On March 29, 2017, we organized a milestone event to celebrate the success of 300 graduates from our core learning and development programs including the Management Associate Program, the PRIDE Program and the Continuing Education Program.

To encourage our staff to become specialists in their fields of work, we sponsor and facilitate opportunities for skills development to help pave the way for future career advancement such as through our Back to School Program, which provides support and onsite tuition for those seeking to achieve their high school diploma.

Developing local capability and leadership is a core company priority, with approximately 75% of our team members and over 80% of our management team being Macau locals.

CASE STUDY: Developing Local Leadership Capabilities

The PRIDE Program focuses on identifying high-performing local team members of various levels to partake in an intensive 9-15 month program, depending on their development tracks. During the PRIDE Program each participant receives a minimum of two days development training per month, including classroom training on supervisory or leadership development, cross-departmental exposure, project work, visits to other industry and study trips overseas. Throughout the PRIDE Program, thoughtful guidance is provided by their direct manager and assigned mentor. In 2017, 23 local team members partook in this program.

Macau Occupational Skills Recognition Program: We support our employees’ aspirations to showcase their talents at the Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System (“MORS”) certification programs organized by the Institute for Tourism Studies.  Not only do we sponsor fees for enrolment, we also actively support employees to participate in the annual MORS Gold Pin Competition.  In 2017, three team members were awarded the Gold Pin Award, with a total of 16 MGM finalists in the competition.

Employee Recognition: We aim to cultivate a motivational work environment where team members are recognized and rewarded for their accomplishments.  The Golden Lion Award and the Leo Award are recognition programs that celebrate employees who exemplify our Core Values and demonstrate outstanding behavior.  In 2017, 160 employees from different departments were awarded the Golden Lion Award and 1,958 employees were awarded the Leo Award.


Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Human Rights: As per our Human Rights Policy, we respect the human rights of our employees and follow the International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, including non-discrimination, prohibition of child and forced labor, and civil and political rights. Our ethos is to treat all employees with equity and fairness, and provide a proper process and forum where grievances can be heard, discussed and resolved. Our labor policies and practices, which are often above minimum compliance, are laid out in our Employee Handbook and available to all employees in new hire orientation including important information such as compensation and benefits, working hours, and leave entitlement. Rigorous background checks, and relationships with established and trusted contracting agencies support our stance to protect human rights and avoid any child or forced labor.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity: We support equal opportunities and diversity in our workforce, in knowing that a diverse team is a stronger team. Currently we have employees of more than 33 different nationalities representing our team, with a gender ratio of 52% male and 48% female.

To raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion, annually we sponsor the “Conference on Intellectually Disabled People in Asia” organized by the Charity Association of Macau Business Readers, and supported by the Special Olympics.

CASE STUDY: Inclusion in the Workplace

 At MGM China, we share the Special Olympics Unified Sports’ philosophy that “training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding”. This is a belief that permeates our hiring policy of actively seeking to hire persons with disabilities as equal team members, working side-by-side with others, and in doing so creating a better culture of understanding and appreciation. We also arrange training for other team members on how to better communicate and create an inclusive work environment, such as Sign Language training.

In addition to creating full-time employment opportunities across our departments, we also offer internship placements for students from the Concordia School for Special Education to help young people with disabilities prepare for their future careers. 


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Occupational Health and Safety: The health and safety of our employees, guests 

and anyone else who comes onsite at MGM MACAU and MGM COTAI, is an utmost priority. Our Occupational Health and Safety approach is guided by our Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Manual, which is aligned to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard, and our performance is managed and monitored on a semi-annual basis by our Risk and Safety Team and the Board-level Risk and Safety Committee.  Mandatory health and safety training is provided to all employees and contractors on induction. Depending on the work function of the employee, additional mandatory health and safety training sessions are also provided.

In 2017, our Company signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter, pledging our commitment to leading practice and witnessed by Labour Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR Government.

MGM had no work-related fatalities in 2017. Lost days due to work injury totaled 1931 days in 2017, a 23% decrease year-over-year.

Employee Wellbeing: We invest in creating a workplace where wellbeing 

is promoted, by offering healthy food options, holding specialist-run health talks, providing comfortable work spaces and relaxing places to take breaks, as well as organizing team sports through our Golden Lion Sports Teams.

Through our Employee Assistance Program, professional counseling services are made available 24/7 to help our employees and their families to resolve issues such as life stress or family matters.

To help ease the transition and support our working mothers, MGM has created a special lactation area called the Mother’s Zone, to reduce the barriers to breastfeeding at work and provide a comfortable and relaxing environment.



CASE STUDY: Promoting Healthy Bodies & Healthy Minds

Through our Employee Assistance Program (“EAP”), we run a series of employee roadshows to bring attention to our EAP facilities and to the importance of physical and mental health.

Various roadshows held in 2017 included:

  • An employee roadshow focused on overcoming negative emotions to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. We also invited Yinkui Hospital to introduce different ways that Chinese acupressure massage and food therapy can help you deal with daily life stress and boost immunity.
  • An employee safety awareness raising fair centered on the importance of workplace safety practices.
  • An employee fair promoting the importance of family time and connecting with our loved ones during which we also premiered a unique short film created in-house by our team and starring our own team members and their children called “Home is Where the Love is”.


CASE STUDY: Ten Beautiful Years of the Lion

On December 18, 2017, we turned 10 years old. We are incredibly proud to say that nearly one third of the original team that helped us to open MGM MACAU (1,900 team members) have been with us since opening.

In honor of this important milestone, we held a gala celebration on December 5, 2017, including a live performance from our Entertainment team, to say thank you for a decade of hard work and commitment. Meanwhile, the senior management team distributed anniversary certificates and limited edition silver coins featuring a unique MGM 10th anniversary design to team members reaching 10 years of service.


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